Sierra Leone FinTech Association

Sierra Leone FinTech Association is founded to operate as the apex body for all technology companies in Sierra Leone operating in the financial services realm. Fintech Association of Sierra Leone aspires to be the key player and a national platform to support technology companies that provide Technology Services to financial institutions in Sierra Leone and the world over

We aspire to bond and link every key player in the ecosystem, and create a national platform to support Sierra Leone to be the leading hub for FinTech and innovation & investment in the West Africa region. We plan to help facilitate ecosystem collaboration between FinTech stakeholders in Sierra Leone with the key objectives to support the Sierra Leone FinTech community, build awareness & trust in FinTech start-ups to advocate for better policy on behalf of our members.

We plan to liaise with members, like-minded people and other stakeholders of the FinTech ecosystem and exchange ideas globally, share our experiences, best practices and lessons learned from peers to avoid repeating mistakes of others

We will be developing, offer and market services to clients in a coordinated manner. Thereby reaping network effects and capitalize on enhanced interoperability.

To contact the Association:

Leonard Francis Vibbi


Sierra Leone Fintech Association


5 Foday Drive, Hill Station