Cyrus Sarrah Kamara: Anthill Construction System

Anthill Construction System is a Building Construction & Design company that was registered in 2012, making bricks for housing using local materials in various ways and also building and construction of houses.

The making of the bricks using local building materials using primarily, Hydrafoam, Civan Ran and Seasonally Cured Clay Bricks, allows for cost savings of up 50% on two bedroom or more houses, as compared to the use of conventional imported materials and bricks cement based bricks.

The bricks are made in-house and the construction of houses is executed by Anthill. This also allows for cost and efficiency savings as the different technologies are fully understood by Anthill and continuously improved.

Anthill’s major achievement has been the winning of an international bid tender by the Royal Society for Birds. He was chosen out of seven Sierra Leonean companies in bid that span three West African countries. Anthill was awarded the contract to build a dwelling near the Tri-State area of Guinea, Liberia & Sierra Leone. The building lodged Her Excellency, Helen Johnson-Shirleaf, President of Liberia on the occasion of the opening ceremony.

Anthill is seeking a Marketing Firm or Consultant for to promote the communication of their value proposition. Anthill is also looking for Financial Firm or Consultant to help them in expanding and further developing their relationship with Financial Institutions.

Contact Information: Cyrus Sara Kamara. Business Name: Ants Construction Schemes. 076 643 404 or 088 881 044.