Meet Yaniv Anthony

Yaniv Anthony is the CEO of Webber Energy SL Ltd. At 7 years old he built a model hovercraft and car out of styrofoam, old plastics and motors. Born in Freetown in the late 90’s, Yaniv showed a love for machines of all kinds from an early age. 
He attended the Martilie International School where he came top of his class for the National Primary School Examination. He then continued his education at the Lebanese International School where he performed well in his IGCSE, A levels and O levels.
Whilst pursuing an undergraduate degree in Electrical Power Systems Engineering at the African Leadership University, he developed a growing interest in renewable energy and how it could change the lives of Africans and specifically Sierra Leoneans as a start. 
Whilst on internship at Vivo Energy Ghana, he came across various energy systems including a home biogas system, that was fueled by animal and food waste. He soon realized that with the large quantities of waste generated in Sierra Leone that there was a potential for it to benefit the society individually and collectively. This would create the opportunity to use organic and animal waste to generate fuel for cooking and agricultural use, in addition to contributing to meeting some of our waste management needs to aid the disposal of domestic waste, rather than be a stress to our society. 
Homebiogas is just one of a few projects his company is starting to work with not just to manage Sierra Leone’s waste but to educate people on the clean technologies, starting from the primary education of children in order to inculcate the mindset of renewable and recyclable waste to be used for the benefit of Sierra Leoneans. This in turn has varying positive outcomes specifically, the generation of 3 to 5 hours of cooking gas per day, reducing tons of greenhouse gases annually through the cleaner non explosive gas produced, reducing carbon emission as cutting down of trees for charcoal and firewood is eliminated and this in turn helps individuals to save money on energy and waste management. A valuable byproduct of this is the production of first class liquid fertilizer for use in gardening or for resale. 
Other projects he is currently working on include an advance alert device for agriculture and an emergency alert system using GPS tracking and road devices such as traffic lights(details not to be disclosed at this time). Yaniv is an avid reader and music lover.