Abdulai Barrie

My name is Abdulai Barrie, I am a Sierra Leonean, I am a writer, Filmmaker and entrepreneur, I enthusiast, dedicated to work, I accomplished what ever that is set to accomplish, even doe I came from a deprived family background but I strongly believe that I was created for a purpose and what ever I do takes me closer to purpose, I man on a mission, I believe in God and in myself, I am the founder and Director of Creative Media Network SL, a multimedia organization set up to raise awareness on social issues using film to tell untold stories affecting society, also I am founder of BaBa E-commerce Agric Food Market an alternative market to small and medium scale farmers, the idea is born out of Challenges presented by the imperfect Agric market, that doesn’t give space to small and medium scale farmers to fair competition, that why I want to set up an E-commerce Agric market that is open and encourage them our local farmers and food producer to trade both locally and internationally.