Freetown Pitch Night- August 2nd 2017

The theme for the August month Freetown Pitch Night was “The Circular Economy: Waste to Wealth”.

A circular economy addresses mounting resource-related challenges for business and economies, and could generate growth, create jobs, and reduce environmental impacts, including carbon emissions.

The circular economy’s potential for innovation, job creation and economic development is huge: estimates indicate a trillion-dollar opportunity.

In Sierra Leone, we have an opportunity to create new businesses and jobs through recycling, waste management and collaborative consumption.

At the Freetown Pitch Night, we met three pioneers that are leading the creation of exciting and innovative businesses within converting waste to household products and building material and converting waste to energy.


Blessings Recycling Enterprise

Blessings Recycling Enterprise was represented by Joseph A Kamara. Blessings have identified the problem Recycling Management, and Health and safety issues.

To solve this problem, Blessings Recycling Enterprise collects and create household item. For example, the company has a toothpaste holder made of our plastic waste.

The company has a range of products such as tooth brush holders (Pencil case, broom, wall frames, ropes and cups).