James Torvaney pitched ca$hr app

The hurdles of a proper financial management system can be very challenging. Ace was founded in early 2017, as a response to the many small businesses in Freetown that said they struggled to find good professional services, including accounting, access to capital, and financial training. Ca$hr app has being a mark of our prowess as it is often described as ‘tinder for finance’ and its ease of use is comparable to none- “just swipe left for expense and right for income’’ -with an enabled feature of recording your cash transactions from your smart phone.

Ace uniquely offers distinct services specifically to the SMEs sector in combatting this, by

  • providing services at a cost small businesses can afford (we start at Le 200,000 a month)
  • providing innovative services
  • an employment model which means our workers get a better deal, and a share of the business’s profits.