Envirotech General Services Ltd

Envirotech General Services Ltd was presented by its founder and CEO, Abdul Karim Kamara.

Envirotech produce quality, durable and affordable outdoor pavement tiles made with plastic waste and sand that helps to protect the environment from erosion, mud, beautifying the environment and enhance easy movement within the environment and also by collecting plastic waste from the environment makes the environment clean and healthy.

According to Abdul Karim Kamara, plastic waste has been a complete environmental and health hazard in the world today and Sierra Leone is not exempted.  In Sierra Leone today plastic waste is all over the place and there has not been any effective and efficient sustainable strategy by both the private and public sector to mitigate this problem completely.

Briquette Making Enterprise

Briquette Making Enterprise was represented its founder and CEO, Sheku Kamara. Sheku collects wastes of various types, not including plastic, which is converted into briquettes.

Sheku is concerned with the use of coal as energy for cooking. Coal is a major contribution to deforestation in Sierra Leone. Equally important is that the burning of coal for cooking is a major contributor to respiratory illness, especially among women and children. Briquette Making Enterprise vision is realising clean cooking fuel for all Sierra Leoneans.

David Meek Jah pitched CAPAD

CAPAD is a technology company that was registered in 2012, investing in last-mile technologies to build aggregate demand for primary and secondary sector companies.

Our Terminal has the power to revolutionize the way we manage our money, shop around and buy things. For SMEs, managing cash flow and receiving payments should be cheaper and easier.

We solve key problems that are enabling the merchant using several tools. These ‘tools’ deliver key benefits to consumers by way of greater convenience, simplicity and speed they are:

AGGREGATION – big data analytics, storing value

ANALYSIS – credit worthiness, insurance

MONITORING – digital banking solutions, merchant and banking relations monitoring app

RECOMMENDATION – credit, asset management, wealth managements

AUTOMATION – crypto currency, payment cadastral,

PAYMENT REQUESTS – all types, cash, cheque, credit, debit, POS, QR Codes, loyalty, cash transfers, mobile money, contactless, apple pay, android pay-Google-pay etc.

All of these in an application mode can ride on our current fintech service and can serve industries like insurance, payment, food and agricultural supply chain engagement.

Contact: Email:davidmeekjah@yahoo.com

Report: Freetown Pitch Night- September 6th 2017

The theme for the September 6th Freetown Pitch Night was “Disrupting Finance: Fintech”.

FinTech stands for Financial Technologies,: technologies used and applied in the financial services sector. FinTech is coming to represent technologies that are disrupting traditional financial services, including mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising, and asset management.

“The sad fact is many of Africa’s citizens still lack access to basic financial services, with traditional financial service providers being unable to reach the most needy on the continent. The heavy work to connect these unbanked populations is being done by the continent’s fintech innovators, meaning the space is of crucial importance and impact”.

According to Tom Jackson, Disrupt Africa’s co-founder, fintech appeals to investors because it checks two boxes. “Investing in fintech start-ups offers investors serious potential returns, given the size of the untapped markets these companies can reach,” he explains. “There is also a strong impact angle in that new forms of financial service provision have the ability to empower and connect unserved Africans.”

At the Freetown Pitch Night, we met four innovators in the Fintech Space. Three were start-ups and the fourth, an association, The Sierra Leone Fintech Association.

These innovators, just like their counterparts across the African continent are developing products and services to connect the unbanked; to help small business grow and manage their finances, and reduce costs of financial transactions.

The bigger picture is that these innovators are also leveraging the huge potential benefits for all businesses in Sierra Leone, especially the new breed of entrepreneurs and exciting small businesses. These new breed of entrepreneurs and exciting small businesses are crucial for economic growth and jobs in Sierra Leone, but often face difficulty to access financial services they need to survive and prosper.