David Meek Jah pitched CAPAD

CAPAD is a technology company that was registered in 2012, investing in last-mile technologies to build aggregate demand for primary and secondary sector companies.

Our Terminal has the power to revolutionize the way we manage our money, shop around and buy things. For SMEs, managing cash flow and receiving payments should be cheaper and easier.

We solve key problems that are enabling the merchant using several tools. These ‘tools’ deliver key benefits to consumers by way of greater convenience, simplicity and speed they are:

AGGREGATION – big data analytics, storing value

ANALYSIS – credit worthiness, insurance

MONITORING – digital banking solutions, merchant and banking relations monitoring app

RECOMMENDATION – credit, asset management, wealth managements

AUTOMATION – crypto currency, payment cadastral,

PAYMENT REQUESTS – all types, cash, cheque, credit, debit, POS, QR Codes, loyalty, cash transfers, mobile money, contactless, apple pay, android pay-Google-pay etc.

All of these in an application mode can ride on our current fintech service and can serve industries like insurance, payment, food and agricultural supply chain engagement.

Contact: Email:davidmeekjah@yahoo.com