Daniel J. L. Conteh, Rural Shelter Aid

Rural Shelter Aid was founded in 2010 under the catholic mission, with the aim of providing solutions that address three key problems.  The first is the serious inadequate supply of housing, the second, affordability and the third, the low utilisation of local materials.

Rural Shelter Aid address these problems by the use of waste products like “carbolic”, use of hydra- form brick and producing their own sticks, ball stone and mud bricks such as Silver ram stabilized blocks, Hydroform Bricks, Ceramic burned bricks, Hollo concrete blocks and Ceramic fired hollo bricks among others .

Rural Shelter has already completed several projects- a two houses at Newton 4 mile for disabled persons; three houses situated at Kwama and one house at kuntolor, Wellington.

At the Pitch Night, Rural Shelter sought Investors and Business Professionals to expand his business.

Contact information: Daniel J. L. Conteh, Rural Shelter Aid. 078 025 781 or 077 342 181.Email: ruralshelterindustrial@gmail.com