TEKK Landscape: Mr. Thomas M. Macauley

Tekk Landscape was established in 2012 providing solutions on two levels:

SOFTSCAPE :Lawns, Trees and Shrubs. These are locally grown from species that are acclimatized to our tropical condition)

HARDACAPE: paving blocks, drainage. These are locally produced from river sand, granite and cement)

TEKK describes its solutions as

  • Attractive
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Good drainage capacity
  • Add value to properties
  • Therapeutic
  • Paving block ready to use after installation

At the Freetown Pitch Night, the founder Mr. Macaulay presented the problems that these solutions are addressing. These are:

  1. There is a lack of aesthetic landscape design which robs properties of natural beauty.
  2. High cost of maintenance, and
  3. Poor drainage of properties which leads environmental and health issues.

A measure of the success of TEKK is that the company has doubled their growth every year since 2012. In 2012 , the company had one Landscape contract every two months. By  2017, five landscapes contract were served in a month.

The company puts this success down to positive feed back leading to increased referrals.