GEW 2017 Freetown Pitch Night-Winner

The finals of the GEW 2017 Freetown Pitch Night was a thrilling contest, with CareerXpo- Francis Leonard Vibbi – emerging as the winner!
The judges felt CareerXpo addresses one of the most pressing challenges our country faces-youth unemployment.

CareerXpo connects qualified youth in Sierra Leone to jobs and vice versa. We pride ourselves in solving the intermediate problems of graduate students lacking employment due to the absence of practical hands on experience that, they may not have had in college. By collaborating with local organizations in Sierra Leone CareerXpo help support graduate students to provide a platform where graduates from college will be able to learn on the job and gain the needed experience to boost their careers.

The second and third place winners, Little Lamb and Regina respectively, won a two months membership at Sensi Tech Hub, sponsored by Mutzig, Sierra Leone Brewery.


Value proposition          

TUBOKU DESIGNS is a Design firm. It’s primarily an Architectural, Website & Graphic Design firm.

Website Design*: Tuboku Designs seeks to make every business in Sierra

Leone have a website, as this is one of the most powerful marketing tool a business can possess.

Our Website Design services are inclusive, giving the client the chance to contribute to the look and feel oh his/her business website. Our prices are very start-up friendly, partnering with startups to make sure they reach clients 24/7.

*Architectural Design*: There is a Building boom presently in Sierra Leone and there is a growing need for innovative architecture.

Tuboku Designs brings together both established and budding architects from Sierra Leone, giving the client a wide variety of Designs to choose from. Our Architectural Design is also inclusive, meaning a client can very much be a part of the design process. *Graphic Design*: With the entrepreneurial culture in Sierra Leone coming into its own, there is an ever-growing need for professional Graphic Design. Tuboku Designs works with a host of Design professionals bringing the best of Graphic Design, Animation Design and Advert Development to Sierra Leonean individuals and institutions. *Incubator*: Tuboku Designs is also a hub for young, forward-thinking Sierra Leoneans. Since our inception in 2016, we’ve been working together to provide solutions to some problem-prone sectors of our country. Presently, we’re working on one app and one website, both to be launched in 2018.