Trees 4 Prosperity- Freetown Pitch Night-June 6th 2018

Tayyib Bah has had a passion for planting since he was a schoolboy. He left this country and returned to find the city that he loved a concrete jungle. Further to that he has seen the effects of deforestation that has led to serious environmental degradation which includes the landslide.

He has embarked on a journey of major reforestation, with plants that not only solve the lack of greenery but that solves and addresses other problems as well. Through his green crusade he also seeks to engage youth and their communities in sustaining the “reforestation” of Sierra Leone. Come and hear how.

Our core Area

’s main focus include the restoration of the vegetation of Freetown and the entire country as well as turning the country’s main cities green.


To make tree-planting a hobby for every Sierra Leonean to ensure primordial  forest land restoration, environmental education and community development.