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Dream to Destiny

I have a dream! Definitely not Martin Luther king Jnr! but Nigel Hyde. Since 2003, together with his team has impacted Sierra Leone in various ways starting with the construction of the city of rest to the Saint George’s old people’s home.

Still toiling on to fulfill his calling from God and with the need to help just one more, he realized the appalling conditions Sierra Leoneans were subjected to, especially those that resides in the slums. Engulfed with fear that the next epidemic will hit them first, government laws won’t be in their favor or the heavy down pour of rain will drown their hopes again to rock bottom but more fearful that any relocation plan may strip away their livelihood, became resistant to any such initiative.

Amidst this fear, Hyde’s Home Leone initiative created a relocation plan. This time not only relocating homes and families but destinies. This safe haven located at Newton is indeed a hub for a better life, with low cost houses and the necessary social amenities. He had a dream and now he is restoring lives.

Report written by M. Salle-Kamara

Trees4prosperity- Social Entrepreneurship


Mr. Bah is known as a man that has great passion for trees.

This vibrant and an energetic Sierra Leonean left this country 20 years ago and decided to return in 2017 and establish his own tree planting business. He has had a passion for tree planting since he was a boy.

At the of age of five, he would go in the bush and make a garden their just to plant trees.  Later on, when his family built a house he planted all the economic tress in their backyard. One of his most favorite quote is ask “not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country?”

On his return to Sierra Leone, his ambition is to start planting tree which he thinks is a good thing for the country, and with trees planting he will be able to beautify the country. Further, tree planting with greenery will also help in reforesting the country ecosystem and he will be engaging youth and communities. For instance, schools and universities in various field to adapt the culture of planting trees and by so doing, he will protect the country from deforestation which has led to disaster lately like the landscape and flooding.

It is worth noting that some of tree species fight against insect like the neem-tree which is also a medicine for human beings. There are other species that can protect the country ecosystem as well said Mr. Bah.

As for now, Mr Bah has over over 100,000 seeds which 80,000 are at his nursery at Kent village which waiting to be transplanted to various locations.

He has served this country since 1984 by then he was a police officer before he went to Germany in 1997-2000 and he has been in other country as well. He wants to give back to his country, he believes in the saying that “ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country?” so in that, he want to give back to his country.

Mohamed El Tayyib-Bah


+232 79 515 007

Report written by Bilkissu Jalloh

General Report- Freetown Pitch Night-June 6th 2018-Social Entrepreneurship

The theme for June 6th’s pitch night was “Social Entrepreneurship”. With many social, cultural and environmental issues affecting Sierra Leone, this month’s night was about solving some of these pressing issues, through 4 inspiring social entrepreneurs; Sheku Kamara of Briquette Making Enterprise, Noellen Barber of Nianda Agriculture and Trading Company, Mohamed El Tayyib-Bah of Trees4Prosperity and Nigel Hyde of Home Leone.

The cosy and interactive audience made up of 50+ attendees included the GEN SL team, sponsors of Freetown Pitch Night, the guest speaker, executives of companies and organisations, young professionals and students.

Guest speaker Dr. Derrin Smith, Counsellor for Commercial & Economic Affairs, US Embassy, Freetown, spoke about the Economic and Commercial Section of the US Embassy, it’s activities and the US’s transition from AID to Private investment in Sierra Leone.

What a better way is there to share ideas, contacts, information and resources with so many interesting people, than with food and drinks? The Freetown Pitch Night gives its audience such an opportunity to network at the end of the event, so most attendees were reluctant to leave early.

The four (4) pitches were as follows:

Briquette Making Enterprise

Sheku’s Briquettes is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to deforestation and indiscriminate disposal of waste in Sierra Leone. Located in Makeni, the Briquette Making Enterprise has made good progress since it started operations in 2013:

  • Acquiring a machine in 2014
  • Acquiring a tricycle in 2016
  • Starting door to door sales in 2017
  • Registering and opening an account in 2017
  • Sales increase from 400 briquettes in 2013 to 20,000 briquettes in 2018

Sheku Kamara


+232 88 304 551

+232 79 704 641


Nianda Agriculture and Trading Company

With $15m worth of onions imported into Sierra Leone annually Nianda Seeds, a major promoter of onions in Sierra Leone, sees an opportunity to support and train vegetable farmers (especially women and young people) to improve yield and increase income. Nianda Seeds uses market principles and forces to meet poverty alleviation, the first goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The company operates as the sole distributor of hybrid vegetable seeds and seedlings to smallholder farmers and businesses countywide and has introduced onion farming in Kailahun, Kenema and Moyamba.

Noellen Barber


+232 76 743 055

+232 88 686 488



Deforestation → Drought → Concrete jungle → Environmental degradation are environmental issues Trees4Prosperity wants to solve by the nursing of millions of trees. These trees include acacia, neem, tectona and moringa, with 80,000 seeds nursed at the Kent site so far. Neem and moringa, with their unique properties, would not only make the city greener but also add aesthetic value. Trees4Prosperity’s solution also has a youth and community employment component to it.

Mohamed El Tayyib-Bah


+232 79 515 007


Home Leone

After years of research of slums in Freetown, Home Leone developed a solution to relocate 2000 people from these slums to the pilot “Destiny Village’ (25 acres near 4 Mile, Newton). The relocation has six (6) pillars:

  • Housing – 350 x 2 or 3 bedrooms
  • Businesses = Sustainability
  • Education & Schooling
  • Healthcare
  • Power
  • Water & Sanitation

Home Leone is an enabling social enterprise, a movement and builder of homes and infrastructure.

Nigel Hyde


+232 80 740 333

+44 7 961 576 769

Report Written by Davephine Tholley