Theme: Pitch Night Special for the new Mayor: August 1st 2018

Theme: Pitch Night Special: for the new Mayor. August 1st 2018.

Under the right conditions, entrepreneurs can have incredible power. They can help regions prosper economically and, as they help engineer innovative solutions to problems and challenges, they can also serve society.

Yvonne Aki-Sawyer OBE, Freetown’s new Mayor,  won a comprehensive mandate from the  voters of Freetown.  This mandate includes job creation for the city’s young people and better waste management.

As new and growing businesses represent the principal sources of job creation and innovative activity in an economy, two factors that generally help raise standards of living for all, municipal authorities across the world are turning to entrepreneurs for ideas to help them address the challenges they face.

Recognising the role that entrepreneurship can play in helping address Freetown’s
challenges Mayor Aki-Sawyer, with Freetown Pitch Night, is inviting entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas for waste recycling businesses to include a significant youth employment component.

Freetown requires a comprehensive waste management solution which must be delivered city-wide, and will require consolidation and significant resources. Ideas should take this into consideration, and the pitcher demonstrate the ability and capacity to deliver.

If you have an idea to pitch please visit
and enter the selection round. Instructions are on the website.