Sheku Kamara -Briquettes Making Enterprises

Sheku Kamara makes briquettes from organic waste. He solves the problem of deforestation by offering his briquette as a replacement for charcoal coal.

Briquettes burns cleaner than charcoal and are also cheaper.  This means energy is saved and families have less expenditure of cooking fuel.

Briquettes are also fuel in the clean cooking space which has improved health outcomes for women (who do the cooking on open fire) and their children who are often exposed to the black sot.

Sheku’s Briquettes is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to deforestation and indiscriminate disposal of waste in Sierra Leone. Located in Makeni, the Briquette Making Enterprise has made good progress since it started operations in 2013:

  • Acquiring a machine in 2014
  • Acquiring a tricycle in 2016
  • Starting door to door sales in 2017
  • Registering and opening an account in 2017
  • Sales increase from 400 briquettes in 2013 to 20,000 briquettes in 2018

Sheku Kamara

+232 88 304 551

+232 79 704 641