Meet Bash Mansaray

Meet young Bashiru Mansaray a Social Tech Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, and a Writer.

Bashiru is the founder of OS Preneur. 
In Sierra Leone, there are many unemployed youths. Because of the lack of jobs, many youths have decided to start their own enterprises, yet there remains a lack of infrastructure to support these young businesses.

OS Preneur is solving this problem by providing a way to easily register your startup, access tools, resources, and networks, and finally, in the long-term, to provide access to funding. In doing so, OS Preneur will provide a platform which supports young entrepreneurs, therefore solving the problem of a lack of infrastructure and support for startups in Sierra Leone.

He is also the founder of Stand for Humanity (Stand 4 Humanity is an online leadership, empowerment and anti-bullying network dedicated to empowering a generation of young people to be bold, authentic leaders in their lives, schools and communities. It’s a movement of positive leadership, redefining what is beautiful, valuable and possible, inspiring a generation of leaders, trailblazers and change makers to create a kinder, more supportive society for everyone.)

You too can be like young Bashiru and join the league of African entrepreneurs who are providing solutions to ease the life of people in their communities.