Frederica Williams

Meet Frederica Williams on Wednesday August 21st at 6pm- the British Council.

Frederica Williams, a graduate from the University of Sierra Leone has over the years succeeded in turning her childhood passion and hobby into a business venture.
She started J&F Fashion Designs in 2005 and the business has evolved from a one-woman shop to one that now employs over 20 staff. She blends excellent design 
skills, strong technical background and solid fashion sense to create innovative garments for both individuals and corporate Institutions.

She has a broad working experience, a skilled manager, a dedicated team player and a social entrepreneur offering free apprenticeship programs.She has created and produced costumes for both local and international beauty pageants, organized fashion shows and also participated in many, a motivational speaker and has won several awards including
Best Designer Miss Sierra Leone 2014.She is also a beneficiary of several local and international business development programs AWEP, PUM,AFFORD to name a few.

Her greatest achievement however has been the resurrection of a dying cultural fashion of the Krio tribe of Sierra Leone locally known as PRINT. This historical style of hand-cut patterns is now widely accepted by both the young and non krio alike. Her dream is to open a Fashion Institution to transfer knowledge to youths nationwide thus contributing to the socioeconomic development of Sierra Leone.