OSVP 2021 Update

OSVP Update:Dear Applicant,We are please to inform you that we have received your application and we are now processing these applications.Please note the next phases are as follow:

28.06- 12.07.2021 – First Selection Committee grading all 57 entries13.07-16.07.2021- 

Second Selection Committee to select 25 candidates to move to First Round19.07-25.07.2021- 

First Round Judging (10 candidates out of 25 to make the Second round)28.07.- 11.08.2021 

(Second Round Judging (5 finalist to be selected)

16.08-31.08.2021- Filming of the profiles of the 5 finalist, prepping and pitch training

08.09.2021 FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!

You will be notified only if you are selected to the first Round of Judging. We thank you once again for participating in OSVP2021 . We wish you all the best of luck.Best Regards,

Freetown Pitch Night 2021- Frempreneur

The future is for fempreneurs.2021 is most certainly the year of the fempreneur! Freetown Pitch Night is inviting ideas from female founders and female led business to pitch their ideas.

51% of the population in Sierra Leone are women; 63% of the urban woman and even more in the rural areas operate micro-enterprises.
Promoting women in Entrepreneurship is a precondition for advancing sustainable growth and poverty reduction.

Please send an email to mail@freetownpitchnight.com if you would like to be considered to pitch or download the template, complete it and send it to us before 12.07.2021.