OSVP 2021 Update

OSVP Update:Dear Applicant,We are please to inform you that we have received your application and we are now processing these applications.Please note the next phases are as follow:

28.06- 12.07.2021 – First Selection Committee grading all 57 entries13.07-16.07.2021- 

Second Selection Committee to select 25 candidates to move to First Round19.07-25.07.2021- 

First Round Judging (10 candidates out of 25 to make the Second round)28.07.- 11.08.2021 

(Second Round Judging (5 finalist to be selected)

16.08-31.08.2021- Filming of the profiles of the 5 finalist, prepping and pitch training

08.09.2021 FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!

You will be notified only if you are selected to the first Round of Judging. We thank you once again for participating in OSVP2021 . We wish you all the best of luck.Best Regards,