ICommit – Freetown Pitch Night, May 16th

The next wave in Digital Disruption is uniting Fintech with Agtech.On May 16th at 232, the start up, Icommit will pitch their business. ICommit is a mobile money based conditional saving platform that allows smallholder farmers to make regular deposits during and after harvest and access the amount saved at the beginning of the planting season in order to purchase discounted agri-inputs. The platform also will help farmers sell their harvest faster and at market prices by connecting sellers with buyers across the country.

Agtech- Next Pitch Night Theme

Productivity and efficiency in Agriculture is ripe for improvment in Sierra Leone.Such improvement will bring immense benefit to the economy of Sierra Leone.It’s increasingly common to see sensors or drones as essential tools in the agronomical engineer or farmer’s toolkit. Disruptive techologies in robotics and those utilising data science are at the forefront of agriculture technology, or AgTech.
Are you working on an idea or do you have a business that focuses on using technology to increase productivity and bring efficiency to agriculture in Sierra Leone.  Agtech is one the top three attractions for tech investments in Africa.

The Agtech value chain is
Technology Input
Crop Production
Animal Production
Agriculture Processing
Manufacturing and Distribution
Consumer Consumption

Innovations in AgTech do not need to be constrained to only one step in the value chain; rather, the most disruptive breakthroughs in AgTech may come from combining innovations in multiple areas.

For the Pitch Night, we will have a start ups in 3D printing of Agri tools, Mobile Money to improve efficiency in sourcing inputs, and farm management.

The date is May 16th 2018, venue 232 Lumley Beach.