David Meek Jah pitched CAPAD

CAPAD is a technology company that was registered in 2012, investing in last-mile technologies to build aggregate demand for primary and secondary sector companies. Our Terminal has the power to revolutionize the way we manage our money, shop around and buy things. For SMEs, managing cash flow and receiving payments should be cheaper and easier. We solve key problems that […]

Telli Koroma pitched Payrica

“Money makes the world go round”!! Individuals and businesses are heavily reliant on cash to foster their daily activities. However, in Sierra Leone there are great challenges that deter circulation of cash within the country as few banks offers digital payment platform or have the technical skillset to securely mange them. The advent and success of the current mobile money […]

Sierra Leone FinTech Association

Sierra Leone FinTech Association is founded to operate as the apex body for all technology companies in Sierra Leone operating in the financial services realm. Fintech Association of Sierra Leone aspires to be the key player and a national platform to support technology companies that provide Technology Services to financial institutions in Sierra Leone and the world over We aspire […]

James Torvaney pitched ca$hr app

The hurdles of a proper financial management system can be very challenging. Ace was founded in early 2017, as a response to the many small businesses in Freetown that said they struggled to find good professional services, including accounting, access to capital, and financial training. Ca$hr app has being a mark of our prowess as it is often described as […]