Kaifala Mansaray

Am Kaifala mansaray, an architectural student from the Limkokwing university of creative technology Sierra Leone, studying Interior Design and also the creative director of Design Cube an upcoming architectural and interior design company. I would be pitching a great solution to the current housing crises the country is facing and precisely Freetown. Which is container housing the most affordable and quick built […]

Sorie Sankoh

Sorie is the founder for SaloneBuy.com a free listing website and a mobile app that allows businesses to post their product online and advertise for free. Sorie is also the founder for CARDO Sierra Leone, an NGO. He is passionate about helping children from rural communities. Growing up in a poor family himself. Sorie later perfected his computer skills and enrolled for […]

Abdulai Barrie

My name is Abdulai Barrie, I am a Sierra Leonean, I am a writer, Filmmaker and entrepreneur, I enthusiast, dedicated to work, I accomplished what ever that is set to accomplish, even doe I came from a deprived family background but I strongly believe that I was created for a purpose and what ever I do takes me closer to […]