Crazy Night 

“Crazy Night” as the theme for this month’s Pitch edition held at Limkokwing University on the 27th of July, 2022 refers to a night where crazy but creative ideas were displayed. The event was chaired by Mrs. Emily Bah, who welcomed the guests and thereafter explained the significance of the event as an opportunity for startups or entrepreneurs with crazy but innovative ideas in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Mrs Emily later introduced Mr. Francis Stevens George , MD of Innovation SL who later emphasized the significance of Crazy Pitch Night, and welcomed all who were in attendance to witness the Pitch Night.                        

After the introduction of the four judges of the event namely in the persons of Mr. Nick Asigil, Madam Naasu Fofanah, Dr. Wahid Awonuga and Madam Fatima Sesay, Mrs. Emily called on the first pitcher Mr. Adonis Assaf, a member of Stratton Electric, who highlighted in his pitch that as a company their crazy idea aims to solve the fluctuating problem of rising cost of gasoline in the country by providing an Electric Auto RickShaw(keh keh) as a means of transport at a cheaper and affordable cost for the working class people in Freetown.

The judges commended Mr. Assaf for his brilliant idea and advised him to redefine his target market. However, the Judges enquired how Stratton would ensure safety for passengers, warranty of the Auto-RickShaw(keh keh), battery duration, their target market and transactions and financials. 

The second pitcher Mr. John Abdul Turay explained that through his Fintech Digital Osusu Platform, Osusu transactions will go cashless which will enforce accountability, transparency between the Osusu masters and members. 

The Judges asked whether research was done to determine the number of illiterate and literate people that are in the Osusu Business, they also questioned his current market size, transactions and financials, the cost of building the App, the security measures he has in place if the App is hacked and how he intends to generate income from the App. The Judges recommended that he finetune his innovation and seek advice from people that have been championing the traditional way of Osusu collection.

Sir Prince Malcolm Nuni was the third pitcher. He stated that his crazy idea is to start an Airline Services that would solve the problem that Business Persons, Domestic Tourists, International Organizations, Government Officials and NGOs face when using roads to travel by providing fast, safe and comfortable Air Transportation that offers both Business and Economy class

Mr. Nuni was applauded by the judges for his initiative and subsequently questioned his target market, flight experience, the place that would serve as the landing site, the type of aircrafts he intends to use and the personnels that would manage the Airline.

Eventually, Kelly Kamara, innovator of  an online football App called MiddleMan, was the fourth and final pitcher. Mr. Kamara’s crazy idea is geared towards solving the problem of lack of international exposure of Sierra Leonean Players  by creating the above named App to expose Sierra Leonean players to both International and Local  Football Agents, Football Managers and Football Scouts.

Mr. Kelly Kamara was asked by the judges how the App would generate revenue, what would and advised that  

In line with its theme, this month’s Pitch Night was interactive and hilarious. The host Mrs. Emily bah engaged the audience allowed them to pose questions to the pitchers and organizers of the Crazy Pitch Night and displayed hilarious images to entertain the guests 

The event climaxed with the announcement of the pitch winners the Electric Keh-Keh and Osusu Master App as winners of the Crazy Pitch Night. Granta Kanda Airways came in 2nd and Football App took 3rd place. Ms. Hickmatu, Mr. Bashir, Mr. Raphael and Mr.  Manato Presented gifts to the judges on behalf of Freetown Pitch Night and  Ms. Emily’s closing remark and vote of thanks 

Compiled By,

Fanta Lomax.

Kaifala Mansaray

Am Kaifala mansaray, an architectural student from the Limkokwing university of creative technology Sierra Leone, 
studying Interior Design and also the creative director of Design Cube an upcoming architectural and interior design company.

I would be pitching a great solution to the current housing crises the country is facing and precisely Freetown. 
Which is container housing the most affordable and quick built home. With benefits of been low cost , Eco-friendly, designed off grid and responds to the business, social and environmental need. Which we as a company here working towards a large reduction in the percentage of this crises ,with our container housing idea for the next year or two to come.

Sorie Sankoh

Sorie is the founder for a free listing website and a mobile app that allows businesses to post their product online and advertise for free. Sorie is also the founder for CARDO Sierra Leone, an NGO. He is passionate about helping children from rural communities. Growing up in a poor family himself. Sorie later perfected his computer skills and enrolled for a degree in Information Technology at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) University of Sierra Leone.
At 18, he was able to apply these skills repairing computers to help earn money for his NGO. His skills include, intermediate level in web-app development (PHP – Laravel, and JavaScript – Vue.Js), and have developed a few personal projects. Also, he is involved in tech advocacy. 
“He is a firm believer in local solutions that can cause global impact, and that technology, and youth-power has a lot to play in the development of the new face of Africa. He loves travelling and exploring new places as this helps his creative process.”

In December, 2018. Sorie launched, Sorie distinguish himself in the I.T. field as a next generation entrepreneur. He would like to continue his entrepreneurial spirit to benefit pan-Africa at large and would like to continue to provide structured and innovative solutions to benefit all of Africa. He moves forward with an emphasis on social and economic benefits with the ultimate goal of propelling economic prosperity and social progress together as one platform. “I feel “technology for the public good” is imperative to a civil society and will help guide competitiveness and free market principles in Africa as well as providing for a stable, productive, and democratic future.” Sorie Affirmed in an interviewed.
Sankoh spent most of his time advocating for rural children with adverse poverty in support of education in Sierra Leone dedicating his time to help others in need, especially children in any way he could. Since he is from a small remote village in the Northern part of Sierra Leone, he needed to walk about 14 miles to attending to school.
His tireless determination, passion and commitment for education helped him to reach this milestone. 
The fulfillment that came with helping children in a developing country like Sierra Leone inspired him to advocate for vulnerable orphans and out of school children, devoting his time to provide other children the opportunity to receive quality education.

Abdulai Barrie

My name is Abdulai Barrie, I am a Sierra Leonean, I am a writer, Filmmaker and entrepreneur, I enthusiast, dedicated to work, I accomplished what ever that is set to accomplish, even doe I came from a deprived family background but I strongly believe that I was created for a purpose and what ever I do takes me closer to purpose, I man on a mission, I believe in God and in myself, I am the founder and Director of Creative Media Network SL, a multimedia organization set up to raise awareness on social issues using film to tell untold stories affecting society, also I am founder of BaBa E-commerce Agric Food Market an alternative market to small and medium scale farmers, the idea is born out of Challenges presented by the imperfect Agric market, that doesn’t give space to small and medium scale farmers to fair competition, that why I want to set up an E-commerce Agric market that is open and encourage them our local farmers and food producer to trade both locally and internationally.