Kaifala Mansaray

Am Kaifala mansaray, an architectural student from the Limkokwing university of creative technology Sierra Leone, 
studying Interior Design and also the creative director of Design Cube an upcoming architectural and interior design company.

I would be pitching a great solution to the current housing crises the country is facing and precisely Freetown. 
Which is container housing the most affordable and quick built home. With benefits of been low cost , Eco-friendly, designed off grid and responds to the business, social and environmental need. Which we as a company here working towards a large reduction in the percentage of this crises ,with our container housing idea for the next year or two to come.

Sorie Sankoh

Sorie is the founder for SaloneBuy.com a free listing website and a mobile app that allows businesses to post their product online and advertise for free. Sorie is also the founder for CARDO Sierra Leone, an NGO. He is passionate about helping children from rural communities. Growing up in a poor family himself. Sorie later perfected his computer skills and enrolled for a degree in Information Technology at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) University of Sierra Leone.
At 18, he was able to apply these skills repairing computers to help earn money for his NGO. His skills include, intermediate level in web-app development (PHP – Laravel, and JavaScript – Vue.Js), and have developed a few personal projects. Also, he is involved in tech advocacy. 
“He is a firm believer in local solutions that can cause global impact, and that technology, and youth-power has a lot to play in the development of the new face of Africa. He loves travelling and exploring new places as this helps his creative process.”

In December, 2018. Sorie launched SaloneBuy.com, Sorie distinguish himself in the I.T. field as a next generation entrepreneur. He would like to continue his entrepreneurial spirit to benefit pan-Africa at large and would like to continue to provide structured and innovative solutions to benefit all of Africa. He moves forward with an emphasis on social and economic benefits with the ultimate goal of propelling economic prosperity and social progress together as one platform. “I feel “technology for the public good” is imperative to a civil society and will help guide competitiveness and free market principles in Africa as well as providing for a stable, productive, and democratic future.” Sorie Affirmed in an interviewed.
Sankoh spent most of his time advocating for rural children with adverse poverty in support of education in Sierra Leone dedicating his time to help others in need, especially children in any way he could. Since he is from a small remote village in the Northern part of Sierra Leone, he needed to walk about 14 miles to attending to school.
His tireless determination, passion and commitment for education helped him to reach this milestone. 
The fulfillment that came with helping children in a developing country like Sierra Leone inspired him to advocate for vulnerable orphans and out of school children, devoting his time to provide other children the opportunity to receive quality education.

Abdulai Barrie

My name is Abdulai Barrie, I am a Sierra Leonean, I am a writer, Filmmaker and entrepreneur, I enthusiast, dedicated to work, I accomplished what ever that is set to accomplish, even doe I came from a deprived family background but I strongly believe that I was created for a purpose and what ever I do takes me closer to purpose, I man on a mission, I believe in God and in myself, I am the founder and Director of Creative Media Network SL, a multimedia organization set up to raise awareness on social issues using film to tell untold stories affecting society, also I am founder of BaBa E-commerce Agric Food Market an alternative market to small and medium scale farmers, the idea is born out of Challenges presented by the imperfect Agric market, that doesn’t give space to small and medium scale farmers to fair competition, that why I want to set up an E-commerce Agric market that is open and encourage them our local farmers and food producer to trade both locally and internationally.

Seye Olusoj

Seye Olusoji is an Art Director and a Photographer, he is the CEO of Seyestar Studios (Seyestar.com). 
Olusoji Seye is a 21st Century Photographer, Director (movie, and theatre), Actor, and Event Planner. Seye has over 5 years working experience in digital photography. The co-founder of Seyestar, an outlet that handles projects related to Photography, Theatre Arts, Film Production, and Print Media. He takes great photographs, still, motion documentaries and graphics design.

He started his career as a Performing Artist, in the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. After his graduation, he founded Sè Theatre Arts in Ilorin. During his cause of study in the university, he held the position of an assistant director for a stage play titled: Octorush. His directorial skills won him a departmental award as the “Best Drama Performance of the Year” in 2016, and the title of the play he directed was “Ijaye” by Wale Ogunyemi. This same play also won an award for best costume, and was handed to him by the Performing Arts Students Association Award (PASA Award).

He traveled with National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) group to represent Kastina State in Mangu, Jos. Where the group emerged the second in Dance and came third in Drama. In 2019, He staged a theatrical project in Freetown Sierra Leone titled: The Suitcase. The project was in collaborations with another theatre troop (Stage to Stage Marshalls) and the British Council in Freetown. Sierra Leone.

Frederica Williams

Meet Frederica Williams on Wednesday August 21st at 6pm- the British Council.

Frederica Williams, a graduate from the University of Sierra Leone has over the years succeeded in turning her childhood passion and hobby into a business venture.
She started J&F Fashion Designs in 2005 and the business has evolved from a one-woman shop to one that now employs over 20 staff. She blends excellent design 
skills, strong technical background and solid fashion sense to create innovative garments for both individuals and corporate Institutions.

She has a broad working experience, a skilled manager, a dedicated team player and a social entrepreneur offering free apprenticeship programs.She has created and produced costumes for both local and international beauty pageants, organized fashion shows and also participated in many, a motivational speaker and has won several awards including
Best Designer Miss Sierra Leone 2014.She is also a beneficiary of several local and international business development programs AWEP, PUM,AFFORD to name a few.

Her greatest achievement however has been the resurrection of a dying cultural fashion of the Krio tribe of Sierra Leone locally known as PRINT. This historical style of hand-cut patterns is now widely accepted by both the young and non krio alike. Her dream is to open a Fashion Institution to transfer knowledge to youths nationwide thus contributing to the socioeconomic development of Sierra Leone.

Fashion and Creative Arts Pitch Night on Wednesday August 21st

The Fashion and Creative Arts Pitch Night on Wednesday August 21st was more than just entrepreneurs pitching. It was a celebration of ordinary people overcoming challenges to realize their dreams. Read one such story…that of Zainab Sheriff, the founder of Zedzee Agency:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Thanks for attending the fashion pitch nigt .

This event is mostly important because it inspires creative minds and gives room for aspiring creative minds to bloom.

I’m here as Zainab Sheriff, the CEO of ZedZee Modeling Inc but I’m standing here tonight to speak as a model on behalf of the modelling and fashion industry as a whole.

As a little girl growing up on the eastern side of Freetown, people said many things about me, most of them were negative. But if I have to be honest they also said I looked like Naomi Campbell and everytime they had said that I will say to myself I can be her.

At age 18 I found myself at the center of all vulnerabilities, my mom had died, I have given birth to a child and it had died. I was confused and broken, with zero self esteem and no confidence. I found myself most times wondering what I was going to do with my life.

People also said that Education is the key, so I said I will go back to school. But going back to school involved money.

There was a beauty pergeant show happening all the way on the other side of Freetown, it was the biggest pergeant of all, Its was Miss Paddy’s 2004.

I decided to enter the competition to be Miss Paddy’s 2004. They were giving Le 200,000 as consolation prize to all contestants. I needed money to go back to school and Le200,000 was more than enough at the time. Therefore my aim was just to get the Le200,000.

I entered the competition and luckily for me I ended up winning more than I bargained for, the grand prize which was USD1000. The exact equivalent of that is three million leones at the time.

Ladies a gentle men, I want u to close your eyes and picture an 18 years old girl, who had lost her mother, herself and her self-confidence. One who had given birth and lost her child, one who had dropped out of school and had gone through countless abuse. After the crown she had won millions of leones. At that moment she considered herself rich. She had won the crown and certified as the most beautiful girl. Her friends and family are celebrated and cheered her. 15 years on look at that girl now, look at me.

I was saved that day. The people that created that platform for me to bloom, the organisers of that event and the people that participated on that event, saved me.

They gave me the confidence and reassurance; the zeal to become what I’m today and to stand here tonight I preach the importance of platform and support in the fashion industry, which equals to what the organisers of Pitch Night are doing tonight.

What I am pitching for tonight is for the organisers of this event to not stop, to continue. I’m asking and seeking for the organizers of this event to partner with us, me and every model and designers here tonight or in the industry as a whole, to have an official fashion week. We want you to partner with us to have a show, where designer’s, models, makeup artists, cameramen and women, choreographers, international designers, music makers will meet and inspire each other to grow.

What I’m pitching for is for you to partner with us to have a Sierra Leone Fashion Week or something of the sort.

We can invite international designers and they can invite us and in the end growth will prevail for models and designers and everyone who benefits from the growth of entertainment .

Thank you very much

Meet Bash Mansaray

Meet young Bashiru Mansaray a Social Tech Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, and a Writer.

Bashiru is the founder of OS Preneur. https://ospreneur.net 
In Sierra Leone, there are many unemployed youths. Because of the lack of jobs, many youths have decided to start their own enterprises, yet there remains a lack of infrastructure to support these young businesses.

OS Preneur is solving this problem by providing a way to easily register your startup, access tools, resources, and networks, and finally, in the long-term, to provide access to funding. In doing so, OS Preneur will provide a platform which supports young entrepreneurs, therefore solving the problem of a lack of infrastructure and support for startups in Sierra Leone.

He is also the founder of Stand for Humanity (Stand 4 Humanity is an online leadership, empowerment and anti-bullying network dedicated to empowering a generation of young people to be bold, authentic leaders in their lives, schools and communities. It’s a movement of positive leadership, redefining what is beautiful, valuable and possible, inspiring a generation of leaders, trailblazers and change makers to create a kinder, more supportive society for everyone.)

You too can be like young Bashiru and join the league of African entrepreneurs who are providing solutions to ease the life of people in their communities.

Meet Yaniv Anthony

Yaniv Anthony is the CEO of Webber Energy SL Ltd. At 7 years old he built a model hovercraft and car out of styrofoam, old plastics and motors. Born in Freetown in the late 90’s, Yaniv showed a love for machines of all kinds from an early age. 
He attended the Martilie International School where he came top of his class for the National Primary School Examination. He then continued his education at the Lebanese International School where he performed well in his IGCSE, A levels and O levels.
Whilst pursuing an undergraduate degree in Electrical Power Systems Engineering at the African Leadership University, he developed a growing interest in renewable energy and how it could change the lives of Africans and specifically Sierra Leoneans as a start. 
Whilst on internship at Vivo Energy Ghana, he came across various energy systems including a home biogas system, that was fueled by animal and food waste. He soon realized that with the large quantities of waste generated in Sierra Leone that there was a potential for it to benefit the society individually and collectively. This would create the opportunity to use organic and animal waste to generate fuel for cooking and agricultural use, in addition to contributing to meeting some of our waste management needs to aid the disposal of domestic waste, rather than be a stress to our society. 
Homebiogas is just one of a few projects his company is starting to work with not just to manage Sierra Leone’s waste but to educate people on the clean technologies, starting from the primary education of children in order to inculcate the mindset of renewable and recyclable waste to be used for the benefit of Sierra Leoneans. This in turn has varying positive outcomes specifically, the generation of 3 to 5 hours of cooking gas per day, reducing tons of greenhouse gases annually through the cleaner non explosive gas produced, reducing carbon emission as cutting down of trees for charcoal and firewood is eliminated and this in turn helps individuals to save money on energy and waste management. A valuable byproduct of this is the production of first class liquid fertilizer for use in gardening or for resale. 
Other projects he is currently working on include an advance alert device for agriculture and an emergency alert system using GPS tracking and road devices such as traffic lights(details not to be disclosed at this time). Yaniv is an avid reader and music lover.

Meet Samuel A.S. Kamara

Samuel A.S. Kamara Is a young, Passionate and zealous Entrepreneur with a Computer Science/IT academic Background. He is the founder Of E Net, an E Learning initiative in Web (www.enetsalone.net) and App (eNet App) platforms to Bridge the Quality Educational Resource Gap and Support Modern and Simplified Methods of Learning. At E Net our main Goal is to empower the next generation with skills and knowledge/trainings.

Saffie Barrie Akam

Saffie Barrie Akam is a Sierra Leonean Pharmacist and owner of Everhealthy Pharmacy where she focuses on delivering an excellent and affordable pharmaceutical care for her community.

Saffie worked for one (1) year as an intern at Connaught hospital, City Pharmacy and the Central Medical Stores under a program coordinated by the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone. Later, after she then proceeded to start her community Pharmacy practice.

Saffie attended the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and is also a member of the Pharmaceutical society of Sierra Leone.

She is also a preceptor for the internship program for new Pharmacy graduates in the community practice setting.