EdTech Pitch Night- August Edition

“Edtech” is the theme for this month’s Pitch Night, which was held at Limkokwing University on the 31st of August, 2022. It is a night where different innovators come with their ideas on how to help improve the educational system in Sierra Leone through the use of technology (either online or offline). Mrs. Emily Bah chaired the event by starting with individual prayers and welcoming the guests and thereafter she explained the significance of the event as an opportunity for startups or entrepreneurs to not just market their products/businesses but also to solicit feedback to help their businesses grow.  After the four judges of the event namely Dr. Brian E. Conton, Madam Sunnah Keili, Mr. Simon E. Tsike-Sossah and Mr. Abdulsalam Kamara have introduced themselves, Mrs. Emily called on the first pitcher.

Mr. Mohamed Bangura, a member of King Medo Tech, who highlighted in his pitch that as a company their idea aims to solve the increasing problem of potential errors or miscalculations, lack of proper database for keeping track of grades, inconsistencies in student records, report generation which takes a long time and unauthorized access in schools and colleges by providing a SierraGrade School Result Manager (SierraGrade). This is a system that is an automated, secured and error free result manager that produces report cards in less time and keeps track of all grades for future reference with three months of free usage, free training & technical support and also free video tutorials for their users.

Mr Abdulsalam Kamara, one of the judges commended Mr. Bangura for his brilliant idea and asked him how sustainable the business is and if it has easy access. He also asked about the structures he has put in place for security purposes.

 Dr. Brian Conton congratulated him for identifying one of the key areas affecting the schools and colleges. He asked the pitcher where the data is  saved since it is an offline system and his competitive advantage. 

Mr. Simon E. Tsike-Sossah asked if he could input data into the system as a client. Madam Sunnah Keili asked how different the system is from the general automated system.

The second pitcher Mr. Alusine Barrie explained that through his Fore-Front company, there is High Quality private tutoring, e-learning and education consultancy. This actually works to produce a guaranteed exam success and skills mastery, leverage technology and innovative teaching & learning to ‘multiply’ great teaching through their E-Learning packages, provide evidence based approach through his baseline and monthly progress tracking & reporting to clients & benefactors. 

The Judges asked Mr. Alusine Barrie what is unique about his business since there is YouTube to watch video tutorials from. Mr. Simon E. Tsike-Sossah recommended Mr. Barrie for the energy he used in conducting this current teaching. 

Dr.Brian E. Conton asked Mr. Alusine Barrie about the methodology he is using and how he can use it to combine it with E-Learning. 

Mr. Peter Tom Nyamah was the third pitcher. He stated that his idea is to start a Preschool Learning Aids that would solve the problem of the methods of teaching in preschool because of the unavailability of appropriate teaching materials in preschool by providing teaching aids for 2-3 years old pupils.

Mr. Nyamah was asked why he did not bring the box (calculator) and how he knew that the product lasts for ten years since they just started in2018. Dr. Brian E. Conton asked why he started by giving the figures for WASSCE and then went back to talking about Pre-Schools.

Eventually, Mr Emmanuel Kamanda, innovator of an offline Stem Server called LOREM, was the fourth and final pitcher. Mr. Kamanda’s idea is geared towards solving the problem of students not having affordable & reliable access to organized quality stem content by creating the above named server for schools and colleges.

The judges asked Mr. Kamanda how the App would generate revenue.  Mr. Abdulsalam commended Mr. Kamanda by saying he liked his project. He also asked that he work with Mr. Barrie since they have similar ideas. Madam Sunnah asked how he decides which contents to show the customer/students. 

As the theme of this month states, the platform was lively with brilliant ideas from the pitchers and tremendous advice, comments and questions from the judges. The Pitch Night was interactive as Mrs. Emily asked some entrepreneurs to come and market their product to the audience. Madam Nyallay Sheriff talked about her product Metro Cables, Mr. Emmanuel from CARE Sierra Leone  talked about new product they are offering to the public wit a generous profit margin. which is and Mr. Victor Pratt from dot.Bleu talked on the different packages they are offering. She also engaged the audience to keep their questions for the pitchers for after the event as there is no time for that now. 

The event was brought to an end when the judges announced the winners of the pitch event as Mr Mohamed Bangura, followed by Mr Emmanuel Kamanda who took the second position. Mr Alusine Barrie and Mr Peter Tom Nyamah came in closer with a tie for the third position. Miss Nyallay Sheriff presented the gift to Madam Sunnah Keili, Dr Modupeh Taylor Pierce presented the gift to Dr Brian E. Conton, Mr Emmanuel Boima presented to Mr Simon E. Tsike-Sossah and Mr. David Manley presented to Mr Abdulsalam Kamara on behalf of Freetown Pitch Night.  Mrs. Emily’s then gave the closing remark and vote of thanks 

Compiled By,

Julliet Josiah.

Edtech Pitch Night

Our next upcoming Pitch Night event is on the 12th of December 2018 at 232 Complex, Lumley Beach The doors open at 18:30 (6:30pm). The event will start at 19:00(7pm) and end at 20:30 (8:30).

The theme for December 2018 Freetown Pitch Night is EdTech.

EdTech, or education technology encompasses everything from the simple use of computers to teach maths and reading to students and others, to the submission of homework online, entire online degree platforms, informal mobile learning applications, gamification or virtual reality techniques.

Just as technology, and particularly the digital era, has disrupted and improved most major segments of economies, education and training will in the same way undergo a tech revolution. The impact of Edtech in Sierra Leone will be significant.

Four entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas on Edtech to demonstrate the potential impact of Edtech..

RSVP to mail@freetownpitchnight.com

We wish to thank our main sponsor- Mützig- “A Taste of Success”, Orange, Innovation SL; our partners- Cordaid, & Insight Magazine.

September 18th 2018 Sierra Leone Diaspora Agribusiness Investor Forum.

September 18th 2018 Sierra Leone Diaspora Agribusiness Investor Forum. (https://www.slagribusinessforum.com/)
The objective of the Sierra Leone Diaspora Agribusiness Investor Forum is to promote investments and trade for Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora in their country of origin post-Ebola and -mudslide disasters.

As part of the Agribusiness Investor Forum, Freetown Pitch Night is holding a pitch night on September 18th 2018. Investment ready agribusiness will have an opportunity to an audience of Japanese and Diaspora investors.
Save the date. Time 7pm -9pm. More details will follow.

The 5 Ws of an Agribusiness Investment Forum… in Sierra Leone

What is this?
An investment forum that will bring together investors, entrepreneurs, and other diasporas with key roles to play in supporting enterprise development in Sierra Leone to connect, interact, and problem-solve to enhance prospects for development of agribusiness enterprises that can contribute to inclusive growth in Sierra Leone.  A unique group that features our compatriots in the diaspora combined with a rare appearance by a group of Japanese private companies will descend into Sierra Leone.

Preparing for them are Sierra Leone agro-based enterprises (agribusinesses) that have been selected via an independent company and process.  They will offer bankable projects hopefully, to the investors.  The names of those companies will be announced in due time.

Who is doing this?
The IOM with funds from the Government of Japan is sponsoring the exercise and it is being coordinated by two Sierra Leonean consultants hired along with IOM staff to execute on the formation and coordination of the project.  Other participants include some members of the Sierra Leonean diaspora and some private companies from Japan.

Locally run agribusinesses are also part of the puzzle as is the GoSL with the Min. of Trade and Industry, SLIEPA and SMEDA, among others.  The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is also strategically involved.  This is a national event!

Why is the IOM doing this?
IOM believes the Sierra Leone diaspora is an integral and important piece of Sierra Leone’s economic recovery.  Engaging this community is considered critical to national development.  The IOM a migration- and by default diaspora-oriented organization is most suited for this kind of work.

As an added value to the overall intentions of an investment forum, typically, the IOM has incorporated the visit of about ten Japanese private companies who will accompany twelve Sierra Leoneans from the diaspora into the project.

When/Where is this taking place?
The investment forum is scheduled to be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  The dates slated are the 18th and 19th of September, 2018.

How is it being done?
The event itself will be a combination of panel discussions and presentations with a question and answer session that follows.  We will break out into workshops and especially have a speed networking event.  At the end of each day, we will collect, collate and communicate action items that have been committed to.  These will culminate into an action plan that will guide the way forward.  Our hope is that this exercise will help put the private sector on a trajectory for transformation.


October Pitch Night

The theme for October 2018 Freetown Pitch Night is Life Style and Wellness.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development in September 2015, recognizes non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as a major challenge for sustainable development. NCDs are projected to increase by 15% by 2020 and the greatest increase will be in Africa.
Non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are wreaking havoc in our society. The World Health Organisation-WHO- listed four key risk factors for NCDs (tobacco, harmful use of alcohol, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity.

If we are to meet Sustainable Development Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-being,- we have to adopt and live healthy lifesylyes.

Freetown Pitch Night is inviting entrepreneurs to submit their ideas or business to be considered for pitching on October 17th 2018. Send a one page description of your idea or business for consideration by August 31st 2018.
email: mail@freetownpitchnight.com

Are you an entrepreneur with an original idea

Freetown Pitch Night presents ‘Open Night’. Are you an entrepreneur with an original idea? Send it to us at Freetown Pitch Night (mail@freetownpitchnight.com) by Monday July 2nd before 6 pm, and on July 12th, you could be pitching to an audience of investors, enablers, partners and peers.

With an expert panel to give you valuable feed back, and an experienced team to help you prepare, Freetown Pitch Night’s ‘Open Night’ offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to make your musings material – whatever they may be.

Theme: Pitch Night Special for the new Mayor: August 1st 2018

Theme: Pitch Night Special: for the new Mayor. August 1st 2018.

Under the right conditions, entrepreneurs can have incredible power. They can help regions prosper economically and, as they help engineer innovative solutions to problems and challenges, they can also serve society.

Yvonne Aki-Sawyer OBE, Freetown’s new Mayor,  won a comprehensive mandate from the  voters of Freetown.  This mandate includes job creation for the city’s young people and better waste management.

As new and growing businesses represent the principal sources of job creation and innovative activity in an economy, two factors that generally help raise standards of living for all, municipal authorities across the world are turning to entrepreneurs for ideas to help them address the challenges they face.

Recognising the role that entrepreneurship can play in helping address Freetown’s
challenges Mayor Aki-Sawyer, with Freetown Pitch Night, is inviting entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas for waste recycling businesses to include a significant youth employment component.

Freetown requires a comprehensive waste management solution which must be delivered city-wide, and will require consolidation and significant resources. Ideas should take this into consideration, and the pitcher demonstrate the ability and capacity to deliver.

If you have an idea to pitch please visit http://fpngewsl2018.startupcompete.co
and enter the selection round. Instructions are on the website.


Digital Disruptors

The theme for the next Freetown Pitch Night is “Digital Disruptors”. Date: Wednesday April 4th 2018. Venue: 232 Lumley Beach. Time 18:30-21:00

“Disruptive innovation is transforming Africa’s economic potential, creating new target markets and unprecedented consumer choice. Capitalising on these potential opportunities demands a complete rethink of customer engagement and business development strategies”. Pwc
Is your start up or company tapping into this huge and still largely untapped commercial potential.
Are you doing any of these-
1.Driving efficiency in business and public service?
2.Strengthening trust and combatting corruption using blockchain?
3. Improving market access and ease of doing business?
4.Healthcare and crisis prevention-using disruptive technology to overcome the traditional barriers of distance and limited access to healthcare
5.Education, innovation and job creation
6.Bringing the informal sector into the mainstream economy


The technologies that are driving change and innovation-

  • Big data analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Drones
  • Sensors/Internet of Things
  • FinTech
  • Renewable energy
  • Robotics
  • Shared economy
  • 3D printing