Judge-Dr. Waheed O. Awonuga

Dr. Waheed O. Awonuga is a remarkable individual whose diverse background in medicine and entrepreneurship reflects a profound passion for both the healthcare field and creative pursuits. Dr. Awonuga’s journey in the field of medicine is marked by his dedication and commitment to serving his community. He earned a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) 

degree from the University of Sierra Leone and currently serves as a resident physician at the University of Sierra Leone Teaching Hospital Complex. His journey in the medical field is exemplified by his successful completion of the West African College of Physician Primaries Examination, demonstrating his continuous pursuit of excellence. His ultimate aspiration is to become a consultant family physician, specialising in emergency medicine, showcasing his commitment to providing healthcare services, particularly in critical situations.

Dr. Awonuga’s entrepreneurial journey began to take shape during his time in medical school, where he seamlessly combined his medical studies with a burgeoning interest in business. He initiated an entrepreneurial venture under the banner “WAHID,” an acronym representing “Winning And Highly Inspired Designs,” which primarily focused on graphic design and printing services. His foray into photography was serendipitous, triggered by a friend’s request for help during her wedding. Despite having limited prior knowledge of photography, he seized the opportunity, which ultimately led to the establishment of “Infinity Studios.” Driven by ambition and vision, he later entered into a partnership, leading to the transformation of “Infinity Studios” into “ZOOM Creative Media.” Under his guidance, Zoom Creative Media thrived, expanding from a single shop to a multi-office establishment.

Following the dissolution of the partnership, Dr. Awonuga resurrected “Infinity Studios” under the new brand name “Infinity Creative Media.” This venture now operates in diverse creative fields, including photography, media consulting, videography, and printing services. One of Dr. Awonuga’s notable attributes is his ability to mentor and nurture young talents, many of whom initially had little to no knowledge of photography but have since become skilled photographers and editors. His journey has been characterised by challenges and rewards, reflecting his resilience and unwavering determination in pursuing his entrepreneurial passions.

Dr. Waheed O. Awonuga is celebrated for his capacity to inspire and motivate others to realise their full potential. His remarkable commitment to both medicine and entrepreneurship showcases his versatility and unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on his community and beyond. Dr. Awonuga’s story serves as a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and a profound passion for both healthcare and the creative arts. His ability to balance a thriving medical career with entrepreneurial endeavours underscores his commitment to personal and professional growth.