Ann-Marie Zorokong

I’m Ann-Marie Zorokong. I was one of the junior pitchers on this year’s pitch event and my business idea was Waste Management through Recycling Of Plastic into Pavement Tiles.

I want to start by saying thanks to God for providing a conducive and suitable atmosphere for this year’s event. I also want to extend my thanks to GEN SL for giving us the platform to share what we had in mind as business ideas and by so doing has opened doors of connections for us.

On this year’s event I experienced lot of positive things that have been an inspiration to my daily life. Before the event I had to go through prepping in which I was able to to know the areas that needed more attention and was able to do my calculations, analysis and was finally very prepared for the pitch event.

This year’s pitch event has opened my heart the more to give back to my people in the least way I can and also taught me to never give stop trying till I achieve my goals.

My expectation now is for me to become a trained and qualified recyclist that will serve as our country’s own Bill Gates and by so doing will help in my little way to make our beautiful nation a better place for all biodiversity.