Hannah Adama Gbla-Dare2Aspire

My name is Hannah Adama Gbla. Few month ago I have a plan of opening a cake shop in the future, but never thought there is a platform where your dreams can be a reality.

I am part of an organisation call Inspiration for her and our leader due to his relentless effort met with Mr Francis the Director of GEN, who asked us to bring our ideas and be part of the pitch night. At first it was challenging, trying to know the problems I want to solve and putting them into slides, meeting after every two day for corrections and prepping.

It reached to a point I almost gave up, I thought the stress was too much not knowing every success comes with a prize. I was nervous, always thinking my idea is irrelevant. On the last day of the prepping, I thought I was saying rubbish until the judges urged me to continue then I became so determined.

Then the day Finally came, I was confident and still nervous, thinking what would I say in front of Intellectuals, they already know more than I do. After her lordship the Mayor talked to us, saying we can do it, I became so determined.

I pitched my idea to everyone and that was the beginning of my success. I emerged as the winner of the junior pitchers, was given a mifi by Orange(that I wanted so badly for research), given an opportunity to meet with the pastry chef etc.

GEN did all their best to trained us very well. Despite the challenges they were there to help us.

Tuesday was really inspiring I now have a different mindset that no matter how small you are, you can still create a difference.

I can now speak boldly in public and share my idea with youths.

I am looking forward to see our ideas become a business and working together with GEN to inspire other youths in the country.