Telli Koroma pitched Payrica

“Money makes the world go round”!! Individuals and businesses are heavily reliant on cash to foster their daily activities. However, in Sierra Leone there are great challenges that deter circulation of cash within the country as few banks offers digital payment platform or have the technical skillset to securely mange them.

The advent and success of the current mobile money offered by the telecommunication companies indicates that there are lot of possibilities within this sector, although this solution in itself has not proved quite effective in addressing the needs of low income and rural based population in terms of ease of use, thus leaving an enormous gap in the market and presenting a lucrative opportunity for fintech starts up to capitalize on.

Payrica fulfils this need, by presenting a robust and complete digital payment system with value added services that scales well, intertwined with modern payment platform with advance features allowing users secure multi-access and premium experiences using a unique blend of artistic design and modern web frameworks.