Value proposition          

TUBOKU DESIGNS is a Design firm. It’s primarily an Architectural, Website & Graphic Design firm.

Website Design*: Tuboku Designs seeks to make every business in Sierra

Leone have a website, as this is one of the most powerful marketing tool a business can possess.

Our Website Design services are inclusive, giving the client the chance to contribute to the look and feel oh his/her business website. Our prices are very start-up friendly, partnering with startups to make sure they reach clients 24/7.

*Architectural Design*: There is a Building boom presently in Sierra Leone and there is a growing need for innovative architecture.

Tuboku Designs brings together both established and budding architects from Sierra Leone, giving the client a wide variety of Designs to choose from. Our Architectural Design is also inclusive, meaning a client can very much be a part of the design process. *Graphic Design*: With the entrepreneurial culture in Sierra Leone coming into its own, there is an ever-growing need for professional Graphic Design. Tuboku Designs works with a host of Design professionals bringing the best of Graphic Design, Animation Design and Advert Development to Sierra Leonean individuals and institutions. *Incubator*: Tuboku Designs is also a hub for young, forward-thinking Sierra Leoneans. Since our inception in 2016, we’ve been working together to provide solutions to some problem-prone sectors of our country. Presently, we’re working on one app and one website, both to be launched in 2018.