ConNet: Empowering Sierra Leoneans with Fintech Solutions for Access to Finance


As a groundbreaking fintech startup on a mission to revolutionize access to finance in Sierra Leone, ConNet recognized  the challenges posed by limited financial opportunities. ConNet has developed a financial lending marketplace that connects lenders and borrowers, offering an alternative and seamless way to access unsecured loans. The platform not only caters to the needs of borrowers but also empowers lenders by providing them with attractive returns on their investments.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide Sierra Leoneans with efficient and stress-free access to finance through our fintech platform. We strive to democratize lending by offering a secure and transparent marketplace that connects borrowers with a diverse pool of lenders. By empowering both borrowers and lenders, we aim to catalyze economic growth, improve livelihoods, and promote financial inclusion for all.

Vision Statement:

At ConNet, we envision a financially inclusive Sierra Leone, where every individual and business has equal opportunities to access the funds they need to prosper. By leveraging fintech solutions, we aspire to bridge the gap between lenders and borrowers, creating a robust and sustainable financial ecosystem that benefits the entire nation.


ConNet’s journey is a testament to the power of fintech solutions in driving positive change in Sierra Leone. By addressing the need for increased access to finance,we are paving the way for  financial inclusion and economic empowerment.As we continue to grow and expand, our dedication to transforming the financial landscape remains unwavering. ConNet is poised to shape a brighter future for Sierra Leoneans, one where financial opportunities are abundant, and aspirations are realized. Together, we are building a stronger, more inclusive Sierra Leone, powered by the innovation and vision of ConNet.

Title: Auto Smart Irrigation & Vegetable Production Company: Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture for a Resilient Future


Auto Smart Irrigation & Vegetable Production Company is at the forefront of a transformative movement dedicated to reshaping agriculture in Sierra Leone. By providing innovative zero waste smart agriculture solutions, including cutting-edge solar-powered irrigation systems and integrated catfish farming, the company is poised to revolutionize smallholder farming practices. With a vision for sustainable food production and empowered rural communities, Auto Smart Irrigation & Vegetable Production Company is paving the way for a resilient and prosperous agricultural landscape.

Mission Statement:

At Auto Smart Irrigation & Vegetable Production Company, our mission is to elevate smallholder farming by offering clean, safe, and efficient agricultural solutions. Through our solar-powered irrigation systems, we seek to optimize water usage and increase crop yields, bolstering farmers' productivity. By integrating catfish farming, we create a circular and zero-waste system, maximizing resources and reducing environmental impact. Our commitment extends beyond technology; we endeavor to empower rural communities, supporting their journey towards self-reliance and sustainable prosperity.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to nurture a future where smallholder farmers thrive, armed with the tools and technologies to overcome agricultural challenges and secure their livelihoods. We aspire to be pioneers in sustainable agriculture, where smart irrigation, renewable energy, and integrated farming practices converge to promote food security, economic growth, and environmental stewardship.


Auto Smart Irrigation & Vegetable Production Company stands as a beacon of hope for smallholder farmers in Sierra Leone. By pioneering sustainable agriculture and promoting smart practices, the company leads the charge towards a resilient and prosperous future. Through our unwavering commitment to empowering farmers, optimizing resources, and preserving the environment, we forge a path of progress for agriculture in Sierra Leone. As we continue to innovate and collaborate with local communities, stakeholders, and partners, Auto Smart Irrigation & Vegetable Production Company remains steadfast in its mission to transform the face of agriculture and empower smallholder farmers for generations to come.

BUSINESS NAME - C.J. Ben Sierra Leone Limited (Empowering Small Start-ups with Innovative Solutions)

Subtitle: Revolutionizing Business Management for Small Business Owners


In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, small business owners often face numerous challenges that hinder their growth potential. These obstacles range from inefficient inventory management and complex bookkeeping to the absence of advanced mobile solutions for streamlined operations. It was precisely these issues that inspired the founder of CJ Ben Sierra Leone Limited, driven by personal experiences and a desire to empower small start-ups.


Drawing inspiration from his own parents, who encountered various hurdles while running their small business, the founder recognized the need for a comprehensive solution. Lack of proper inventory management systems, absence of structured billing and sales processes, and the cumbersome nature of manual bookkeeping were just a few of the obstacles faced by small business owners. Furthermore, there was a demand for a simple yet advanced mobile solution to operate both physical and online stores seamlessly.

In a groundbreaking move on June 1st, 2020, CJ Ben Sierra Leone Limited was established with the sole purpose of empowering small start-ups and SMEs through the utilization of cutting-edge technology. The company’s overarching vision is to become the premier solution provider, ranking at the top of the industry, specializing in the development and implementation of digital solutions for start-ups and SMEs in Sierra Leone and across the African continent.


Driving Positive Change in Business Operations


Since its inception, CJ Ben Sierra Leone Limited has achieved remarkable milestones in revolutionizing business operations. The company’s commitment to addressing the prevailing challenges faced by small businesses is evident in its tangible accomplishments. Over the course of just three years, CJ Ben Sierra Leone Limited has successfully developed and launched two innovative products, garnering significant recognition and trust in the market.


Currently, CJ Ben Sierra Leone Limited proudly serves over 100 valuable clients, each benefiting from the company’s tailored solutions. Moreover, their dedication to providing accessible solutions has led to an impressive total of 500 sign-ups. These numbers underscore the magnitude of the problem at hand and highlight the company’s efficacy in resolving these issues. The resounding success of CJ Ben Sierra Leone Limited is further solidified by the remarkable financial gains achieved in the last fiscal year. With revenue exceeding $10,000, the company’s impact is not only transformative but also economically significant.


Pioneering the Digital Transformation of Businesses


CJ Ben Sierra Leone Limited’s unwavering commitment to utilizing technology to empower small start-ups and SMEs has positioned them as pioneers in the digital transformation of businesses. By seamlessly integrating innovative mobile solutions into daily operations, the company enables business owners to streamline their processes, enhance productivity, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth.


Looking ahead, CJ Ben Sierra Leone Limited remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence. Their mission to drive positive change through digital solutions continues to guide their efforts. As they solidify their position as a leading provider in Sierra Leone and expand their reach across the African continent, CJ Ben Sierra Leone Limited is poised to revolutionize the way small businesses operate, propelling them towards success in the digital era.

Additionally, we proudly achieved victory in the Freetown Pitch Night competition on November 28, 2021, to 2022. This prestigious event, owned by Innovation SL, provides a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas to a diverse audience comprising investors, enablers, partners, and peers. Currently, we are making significant progress in the development stages of our project, which has been met with success. Our next objective is to establish partnerships or affiliations with prominent banks and mobile companies. By integrating their systems into our innovative POS App, we aim to create a comprehensive and seamless solution for our users.

Mission Statement: “At CJ Ben Sierra Leone Limited, our mission is to empower small startups and SMEs across Sierra Leone and the African continent by providing cutting edge digital solutions. We are committed to revolutionizing business operations,addressing prevailing challenges, and driving positive change through our innovative products,seamless mobile solutions, and unwavering dedication to excellence.”

Vision Statement: “Our vision is to become the premier solution provider in the industry,leading the digital transformation of businesses for small startups and SMEs in Sierra Leone and beyond. Though our pioneering efforts, we aim to be recognized as the goto company for tailored, accessible, and transformative digital solutions, enabling our clients to achieve sustainable growth and success in the ever evolving digital era”

In conclusion, the progress in digital and technological advancements has proven to be advantageous for local startups, including My POS App. The testimonials we have received from our clients serve as concrete evidence of how the growth in digital and technological fields has greatly benefited the entrepreneurial community.