IOM / Japanese Government — Sierra Leone Diaspora Agribusiness Investor Forum

The objective of the Sierra Leone Diaspora Agribusiness Investor Forum is to promote investments and trade for Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora in their country of origin post-Ebola and -mudslide disasters. As Sierra Leone enters a new era via the recent change of government, the country is keen to restore investor confidence and attract investments from both their diaspora kinfolk and foreign direct investors.

An investment climate ushered in by the diaspora will not only have a positive impact on the domestic economy, it will enhance the investment promotion efforts, the country’s image and its overall credibility.

As part of the Agribusiness Investor Forum, Freetown Pitch Night is holding a special pitch night session on September 18th 2018. Investment ready agribusinesses will have an opportunity to present to an audience of Diaspora and Japanese investors.

To be eligible you must have these basics:

  • be registered and trading in accordance with all acts and regulations
  • be registered for GST and have submitted all relevant reports with the NRA and/or other MDAs
    have innovation as a core value
  • have a demonstrated capacity to grow
  • be IT enabled.
    In addition, to be considered for selection, you must also answer the following questions given below. Please click here